Treasury Department notifies the disconnection of the Enabled Electronic Address and the end of electronic notifications

Jonatan Carbonell

Little by little we have witnessed the progressive disappearance of the Enabled Electronic Address in the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency. Recently, the Treasury has informed that as of December 31, 2022, notifications from the Tax Agency will no longer be available in the Enabled Electronic Address. Do you want to know more? If the answer is yes, this article is for you.

What is the Qualified Electronic Address?

The Enabled Electronic Address or DEH, is an option designed by the Treasury, where the same intended to move their services and relevant information. By means of this, you could receive the notifications that the different Tax Administrations could send you.

You can view it as if it were an email address that is totally confidential, private and free. And it has, as any email address, a mailbox where you will receive notifications.

For whom is the Enabled Electronic Address mandatory?

You are obliged to receive communications and notifications from the Treasury through the Electronic Address if:

Enabled Electronic Address

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What did the IRS use the Enabled Email Address for?

For a while, the AEAT used the Enabled Electronic Address as a transitory measure. From there, taxpayers could receive notifications corresponding to the Tax Agency.

This was while the Tax Agency was migrating all its services to the new Single Enabled Electronic Address, better known by its acronym DEHú. Migration that, until recently, reached its final stage.

The end of notifications through the DEH

The AEAT has ended the period of migration of services and adaptation to the new system. Therefore, notifications and communications through the DEH will cease to exist as of December 31, 2022.

As of December 31, 2022, do not look for any more notifications in your DEH mailbox. Do not look for the archived ones either, because they will disappear. We even advise you to create a copy of each and every one of the notices or documents you have there.

Do not forget that, in any data or service migration process, there may be failures, missions or the undesired disappearance of important content.

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Once disconnected, how will the notifications be accessed?

Once the Enabled Electronic Address is disconnected, notifications and communications from the Tax Agency will no longer be available in the DEH. However, you will be able to access them through:

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