How to offer an ethical Internet of Things (IoT) service to your consumers?

Jonatan Carbonell

The Internet of Things or IoT, by its acronym, is a technological process that facilitates the connection of everyday and domestic elements to the Internet. This new technology allows us to modernize our environment in a practical and simple way and, above all, helps to bring any enterprise into the digital era in an ethical and responsible way. Do you want to know how? Stay to the end and find out what it is all about and how it could benefit your company.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is a system that connects devices and sensors to receive and transfer data over wireless networks, with almost no human involvement. All thanks to the integration of computer elements in objects such as vehicles, water meters, lamps, home automation sensors and much more.

It is about sending, receiving and analyzing data as a feedback loop. These can be captured immediately and processed through other technologies such as Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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What is the enterprise Internet of Things?

IoT provides different solutions to companies and at the same time represents a challenge that helps them to grow. In terms of solutions, it is a tool that facilitates the possibility of improving different areas, such as business models, relationships with customers and partners.

Now, one of the biggest difficulties comes from the overwhelming amount of data that a smart device generates. Because, in and of itself, integrating big data into current systems and setting up the data analysis to use is a complicated task. 

What are the benefits you can get from enterprise IoT?

As a technological breakthrough, the Internet of Things gives companies the opportunity to grow at a cyber level and helps them to position themselves in this new era. In addition, it offers a range of benefits to make this happen, such as:

How does Edge Computing relate to IoT?

The relationship of Edge Computing to the Internet of Things is very close, as the job of Edge Computing is to have computing power at the edges of IoT networks.

Their job is to distribute computing resources to the edge of the network, while everyone else is concentrated in a cloud to make information useful and fast through data that requires immediate information.

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Is it possible to offer ethical IoT to your consumers?

As we told you, the IoT is a system that sends or receives data with the ability to create virtual copies of physical infrastructures, environments or services. That is why these data must be treated responsibly and ethically.

This will ensure public confidence in adopting this system.

What characteristics should the ethical IoT have?

In order for the public to be satisfied with the use of this system and take advantage of the benefits and potential it offers to improve the environment, the economy and society, it is necessary to have:

  • Transparency: one of the essential elements for trusting this system. Companies that want to use them must be honest and clear about what data they will capture, how they will use it and for what purpose. That way, customers have the opportunity to make an informed decision.
  • Responsibility: after users authorize the use of their information, the company makes a commitment and does what is necessary to protect, capture, store and process that data responsibly. A point to highlight is that when it comes to personal information, the data must be kept confidential.
  • Security: to keep personal data captured, companies must set up an ecosystem that protects people’s digital rights. They must also ensure that both IoT devices and data are not exposed to cyber threats, malicious attacks and that any data collected is only used with authorization.

3 initiatives that promote an ethical Internet of Things

All companies that intend to implement or make IoT devices must be highly ethical and responsible. Above all, they must ensure that the data of the people captured is protected, that its use is transparent and that it has the authorization and trust of the public.

Therefore, there are different public and private initiatives that guide and participate in the development of ethical IoT technology such as:

In addition, many companies and technology companies are working to demonstrate their effort and commitment to protect people’s digital rights. 

Also to implement the ethical and transparency principles required by the large-scale use of data generated by IoT devices and their confluence with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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