How to file taxes, carry out procedures and pay fines online?

Today, since 2014, it is mandatory to file tax forms electronically. Companies and freelancers can save time and money by carrying out procedures from the comfort of their own home with a digital certificate. Read on and learn how to file taxes and pay fines online.

What is the digital certificate?

It is a document that verifies identity, unequivocally, through the Internet. It has two encrypted keys, called public key and private key, offering greater security to the people or companies that have it. In addition, it can be associated with an electronic signature that can be used to sign invoices or electronic documents. 

As of January 2014, Spain made it mandatory for freelancers and companies to have this document in order to carry out procedures before governmental institutions. 

What procedures can be carried out with the digital certificate?

The digital certificate allows to carry out multiple administrative, commercial, fiscal and legal formalities before public and private entities. Some of these are:

If you want to read more about the digital certificate, you can do it here.

Advantages of carrying out procedures with a digital certificate

Over the years, everything has been modernized. For this reason, many of the procedures that were traditionally done in person, are now done online, gaining speed, convenience and greater security

Filing taxes, paying fines or making applications with the digital certificate, saves costs for paper expenses or mobilization to government entities.  In addition, you avoid long lines in front of a counter. Today it is possible to do everything from the sofa of your home and at any time you want.

Telematic tax filing 

Before filing any of the tax forms, keep in mind that you must have the digital certificate and have paid from your bank of preference, and then place the proof of payment in the tax return. 

Internal image of the Internal Revenue Service tax return.

Another payment option is through direct debit, where the Treasury will execute the collection within 1 to 15 days after filing the form.

If you still do not have a digital certificate, you can request it through our partner TAS Consultancy, with any of its commercial advisors. You can also read how to obtain it, with our article, here.

Steps to file taxes online

  1. Log in to the Tax Agency’s website or click here for easier access. Remember that if you are not registered, you must do it first.
  2. Choose the tax form you wish to file.
  3. Fill in the form manually, or automatically with the management systems by uploading all your income and expense invoices.
  4. Present proof of payment or pay by direct debit within 15 days.

Online payment of fines

To pay fines online, you must also have a digital certificate or electronic ID to prove your identity.

Once the notification of the fine arrives, you will have a voluntary period of 20 days in which you can pay with a reduction of 50% of the total amount of the fine. After that time, an ordinary period of 25 more days will begin, but in this case, you will have to pay 100% of the amount. 

If you have not paid the fine by that time, it will be sent to the Tax Agency where the amount will be subject to a 20% surcharge.

Internal image of the DGT to pay fines online.

Steps to pay fines online

  1. Enter the DGT website or click here.
  2. Select the type of electronic identification, in this case, the key method that will identify your digital certificate.
  3. The certificate will automatically fill in the form with your personal data.
  4. Continue filling in your credit card information.
  5. The system will calculate the amount and apply the discount. 

In case of detecting any anomaly during the payment, or a posteriori, you will have to request a refund of the fine payment through their website.

Perform other procedures with the digital certificate

Any other process or procedure you wish to carry out will be done in a very similar way to the two previous ones. You will have to enter the website of the institution that performs the procedure, start the process online with the digital certificate and pay the corresponding fees.


Fulfilling our obligations on time is of utmost importance, and if we can do it from our comfort, there is nothing to worry about. For this reason, learn how to file taxes, carry out formalities and pay fines online. For more information you can consult your doubts with one of our advisors through or by calling +34 937 37 75 25.

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